Missions Leader Carol

Missions Leader Cathy.

Supporting Project Hero

Missions Is Busy In 2021!! Your donations at work!

DCCC Missions is supporting Project Hero with a gift to support recovery, rehabiltation and intergrations services for injured veterans and first responders. November 6, 2021, also witnessed DCCC member Shannon Weldon riding her bike 65 miles to support Project Hero's Las Vegas Honor Ride. We are proud of Shannon!

DCCC is once again assembling stockings for homebound seniors in Orderville, Glendale, Panguitch, and Cedar City areas. The stockings are being stuffed with both fun and useful items. The LDS Bishop in Alton/Glendale is assisting with identifying seniors in need and supporting this project in various ways. We are "Coming together in Christ," to serve our communities most needy citizens.

Salvation Army and Signs of Love (an international mission led by Robin Harter that teaches Sign Language and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the deaf) are worthwhile organizations also receiving support from Missions in 2021.

Cedar City At-Risk Hockey Team (Southern Utah Independent High School Hockey) will again receive support from DCCC missions for equipment and other needs. The rink, on Highway 14 at Wood's Ranch through this winter season 2021, will be moving next year to land that a generous donor has purchased in Cedar City. 

DCCC Missions surprised families with Christmas dinners and gift bags. Pictured here are some thank you notes received.

DCCC Missions supported at risk kids with gifts of hockey supplies.

Christmas dinners for families in need.

Shannon Weldon & friend support Project Hero.


Dec. 17, 2020

Your Missions donations at work 2020

Thank you to all church members and friends for gifts supporting the Christmas dinner project launched and completed in December 2020. Also thanks to Kerri and Davis Bonk of Martin's Deli in Duck Creek Village for contributing 100 pounds of potatoes for this project. Missions leaders Cathy Hackbart and Carol Gagliardi put together 11 Christmas dinners consisting of turkey, potatoes, dressing, gravy and other side dishes and delivered them to families in Alton, Glendale, and Cedar City. Children in the families also received wrapped Christmas gifts. We all know that COVID has been hard on working families this year so the gifts were much appreciated. Missions donations also supported the Salvation Army and Kane and Iron Counties Care & Share. Signs of Love, founded by Missionary Robin Harter, received support to further this worthy non-profit organization's work of bringing language, love, and the Bible to deaf persons in the Honduras and Africa. Missions also donated to support the purchase of hockey equipment with a gift to Southern Utah Yeti Incorporated, a non-profit group supporting at-risk kids. Pictured above are kids practicing hockey at the newly built skating ring in Iron County.

Missions was busy in 2019

DCCC Missions supports a variety of worthwhile projects each year. Missionary Robin Harter, founder of Signs of Love, joined us at DCCC on January 5, 2019,  to speak about her amazing work as founder of and missionary with signsoflove.org work in Honduras. Robin and the missionaries with Signs of Love bring Sign Language and the Gospel to the deaf. DCCC Missions also supported "Love Him Love Them" and their work in Haiti. This support was gifted in the memory of beloved Pastor Tom Jackson, whose wife Irene is a leader in the Love Him Love Them mission.

Support of "Love Him Love Them"

Donation to this mission in memory of Pastor Tom.

Irene Jackson works to help the needy in Haiti.

"Love Him Love Them" packs donations to Haiti.