"Your Old Men Shall Dream Dreams" by Founder Bonnie Altig, wife of Founding Pastor Steve Altig, tells the history of DCCC and is available for purchase on

Located in Duck Creek Village, DCCC can be seen standing tall in the meadow just behind the Village.  It is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church with a focus on reaching the people of the Duck Creek area and beyond with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sunday services begin at 11 a.m.  and feature live teachings by Pastor Steve Baden.

Duck Creek Community Church is an active church with involved members. Services and support ministries are marked by relevant worship and consistent teaching filled with Grace. Duck Creek Community Church is a family ministry with the ability to impact people of all ages and backgrounds.

Donations to the church may be sent in the form of personal checks or online through Paypal at the link in red below. Please make checks payable to DCCC and mail via United States Postal Service to: HC 82 Box 1017 Duck Creek Village UT 84762-8200.   To donate through Paypal, simply click on the link below or paste it into your web browser should you wish to give to DCCC:

We have set up online giving to accept credit cards or PayPal.  You can designate your gift to support the Church Renovation project by writing "Church Renovation" on your check or under ADD A NOTE in PayPal when you make a gift. While the church was closed in the Spring and Summer 2020, volunteers were busy renovating the church. This effort was led by Gary and Cathy Hackbart and the work can be seen on the "Church Makeover" page here on the website. 

Special services and events will be announced as COVID restrictions continue to lift. 

Members call DCCC the "Church of Miracles".
Members call DCCC the "Church of Miracles".
The church decorated for Easter services.
The church decorated for Easter services.
Reading the Nativity story with children Christmas Eve.
Reading the Nativity story with children Christmas Eve.
The church decorated for Christmas services.
The church decorated for Christmas services.
Raising of the church steeple.
Raising of the church steeple.


Laurel Snodgrass

11.04.2021 15:29

Hi Chris:
I moved the Online Giving section up and it is now directly below Pastor's sermon today. The PayPal link is still there. My apologies but moved Easter up and this made giving harder to find.

Chris A Hodge

11.04.2021 07:52

I can no longer find the PayPal button. Is there a better way now?

Terry Baden Mack

28.07.2020 18:57

What a beautiful church!

Amy Knowlton

17.01.2020 23:20

Hello! We just moved to Duck Creek and would like to attend church. Can you tell me how people typically dress? Our old church was jeans and t-shirts. I just wanted to make sure before we show up. :)

Laurel Snodgrass

18.01.2020 04:10

Hello! We are a casual mountain community so jeans and t-shirt are fine. We look forward to meeting you and thank you for your interest in joining us for worship!


03.01.2020 20:01

Hello, I am a new resident to Duck Creek there a contact number available? I have several questions? Thank You😊

Laurel L Snodgrass

10.01.2020 03:39

Please feel free to join us for Sunday services and speak to our Pastor. He will be happy to answer any questions after service. Phone numbers are listed on our bulletins and we welcome you to join us

Charles H

02.10.2019 16:10

Just a note to let Pastor Steve Baden know I take his sermons to heart and appreciate his and his wife’s warm and friendly greetings. Services are wonderful too!

Kathryn Smart

08.07.2019 04:45

I remember when this church was first built! I grew up going here on Sunday’s during the summer while visiting my grandparents in Duck Creek. Startin to plan a wedding here as well!! So beautiful

fam. Depickere

24.02.2019 22:07

Last summer we stopped and we saw this beautiful church. We're from Belgium. We would to visit the church.Got a tour and were told the story of the snickers, which we never will forget THX TO YOU ALL


25.02.2019 15:10

We are so glad you were able to visit our little church in the meadow. We hope to see you again and worship with you. Thank you for the kind words. Introduce yourselves if you come again!

fam. Depickere

24.02.2019 22:02

Last summer we were passing by the village of Duck Creek and we saw this beautiful church. We're from Belgium. We have visit the church. Told the story of the snickers , which will never forget. THX

fam. Depickere

24.02.2019 21:58

Last summer we were passing by the village of Duck Creek and we saw this beautiful church. We're from Belgium. We would to visit the church.we got a tour and they told us the story of the sneakers.THX

Charles H

15.10.2018 20:54

I really enjoyed the recordings of Jim's Genesis sermons describing how creation described by science and the Bible can be reconciled. I hope to attend a few of this winter's Bible Studies on this topic.

Laurel Snodgrass

15.10.2018 21:02

Hello Charles:
We will keep you posted on the dates for the Genesis Bible Studies. Right now, we are looking at January. It would be wonderful if you can make it whenever you are on the mountain.

Michael and Karen McCoy

31.08.2018 01:26

We were in Duck Creek this past weekend and attended your service. We were truly blessed to be able join all of you in that magnificent church building.

Jim S

24.07.2018 03:23

CHUCK is Back!!!!


31.03.2018 17:29

We will have Children's Church Easter Sunday, April 1, so please come and bring the family for this wonderful service!


31.03.2018 16:18

It was so nice to see children in church last week. I look forward to the return of our summer church folks.

Laurel Snodgrass

24.12.2017 21:02



24.12.2017 20:48

What time is Christmas Eve service?

Laurel Snodgrass

24.12.2017 21:06

Hi Amy:
The Christmas Eve Candlelight Service starts at 6 p.m. We hope you can attend.

Butch Stout

24.10.2017 21:40

Really enjoy DCCC! Attended Oct. 22,17 If Pastor Ray Tanyer is a candidate to be your Pastor, please consider him. I was encouraged and challenged to serve the Lord through his Pendulum message!


06.06.2017 23:25


Bonnie Altig

28.02.2017 08:20

Hi Pastor Tom, Leadership Team and Laurel. Read the chuch history-good job though. Not designed after church in Virginia. I designed while bedridden battling cancer. Bonnie Altig


28.02.2017 23:06

Thanks for the correction, Bonnie. We will update the history to read, "One of the founders designed the building..." The founders and the building are a wonderful testimony to God's great works!

Dee Armes

03.02.2017 02:33

Dear Tom & Irene,
What a beautiful building and gorgeous surroundings. Pray that God blesses your ministry as you love God's people and bring to them HIs truth, love and salvation. Miss you folks.

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18.07 | 23:18

Thank you, Sharon! See you soon!

18.07 | 22:38

I will bring a crab salad for the picnic

01.06 | 23:26

Pastor Baden’s Memorial Day sermon was one of the best sermons I’ve heard in my entire life! Wish I was there to hear it. I hope those who were there appreciate his message. God Bless Pastor Baden.

27.02 | 14:13

Hi Chris: Church doors are open and we are holding in-person services every Sunday 11-noon with Fellowship following services. We look forward to seeing you soon!