March 31: "Heaven's Joy" by Pastor Steve Baden

Pastor Steve Baden's message titled "Heaven's Joy" focused on the 3 parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son, The scripture focus was Luke 15: 1-32. Pastor Steve encouraged those in attendance to never give up, even when they feel lost. Jesus Christ often used parables in his teachings and these particular stories assure us that we are God's prized and valuable children. They also teach that our God is a loving God.

March 24: "Who Is Jesus?" by Guest Speaker Carl Revels

Guest Speaker Carl Revels drew on Greek and Roman historical documents, the Bible, and other research sources in writing the March 24 sermon titled, “Who Is Jesus?”. Luke 6: 31, Hebrews 11:6, John 14: 6, and Matthew 2:11 & 22:21 were among the Biblical references cited in the message. The message gave a new perspective on Jesus' well-documented life and Carl shared a variety of wonderful sources that proved Jesus was a real man and our Savior who walked the earth preaching God's love and demonstrating that love through his life and ultimate sacrifice of giving his life to save us.

March 17: "The Choice Is Ours" by Pastor Steve Baden

"When Jesus came on the scene, a new commandment was given and it boiled down to love ," said Pastor Steve Baden. "The message of the cross really does make a difference to those who choose to believe it and act on it. God loves us so much that he gave us a choice on how to live our lives, " he told the congregation. Click the pay button above to hear the audio of the entire sermon.

March 10: "Christ--Our Light & Hope" by Pastor Steve Baden

Pastor Steve Baden focused on Luke 9: 28-36 for the March 10 message titled “Christ—Our Light and Hope.” Pastor Steve's sermon highlighted details of Luke's account of the transfiguration of Christ. The congregation was encouraged to learn from Luke's testimony and to continue trusting in Christ and following Christ's teachings so that we also my be changed and transfigured through our faith.

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