Women's Bible Study is meeting Thursdays 9-11 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Contact Bible Study Leader Jess Poulin if interested in attending this wonderful class, 775-338-2528. 

We are seeking a leader for Men's or Adult Bible Studies this summer 2021.  

Ministries, Missions, Prayer & Study-Join Us

DCCC  Missions is looking for new worthwhile projects to sponsor. Projects can be local or international. Call the church office at 435-682-3222 and leave a message should you have ideas for worthwhile missions that the church may consider sponsoring.

DCCC Prayer Chain: Contact Betty Brechler at 435-682-3047 for your prayer request.


Debbie Reynolds

18.08.2018 16:02

I'm interested in attending the womens bible study this week.

Laurel Snodgrass

Hello Debbie:

18.08.2018 17:22

We would love to have you attend the Women's Bible Study. Please arrive at the DCCC Fellowship Hall by 10 a.m. and feel free to call Jessica if you have questions.


31.05.2018 00:20

I would like to attend Bible Study while back on the mountain now until Oct. Thank you

Bea Redd

24.12.2016 06:23

I would like to attend the bible study in January 2017 if we make it up there.

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18.07 | 23:18

Thank you, Sharon! See you soon!

18.07 | 22:38

I will bring a crab salad for the picnic

01.06 | 23:26

Pastor Baden’s Memorial Day sermon was one of the best sermons I’ve heard in my entire life! Wish I was there to hear it. I hope those who were there appreciate his message. God Bless Pastor Baden.

27.02 | 14:13

Hi Chris: Church doors are open and we are holding in-person services every Sunday 11-noon with Fellowship following services. We look forward to seeing you soon!