Church doors are open and we are happy to return to in-person services and fellowship. Audios of messages are organized by month and day below.  Church doors open weekly on Sundays at 11 a.m. and feature a wonderful live sermon by Pastor Steve Baden, along with contemporary worship songs with hymns on the third Sunday monthly for Holy Communion. Dress is casual and we welcome visitors!  We hope you can join us to worship when you visit Cedar Mountain. Thank you for listening and please join us May 9 for a special Mother's Day Service.


May 9: "Walking in the Love of Christ" By Pastor Steve Baden

“Today, we pray for moms around the world that they be comforted and blessed…” were the closing lines of Pastor Steve’s beautiful prayer at the May 9 special Mother’s Day Service. John 14: 1-7 and John 15: 9-13 were the scriptural focus for the sermon titled “Walking in the Love of Christ.” Our Savior commanded us to love one another and to love God as God loves us. But Pastor Steve said the question often on our hearts is, “How do we begin to love others in the way our Lord loves us?” Pastor noted that the answer is found in the Bible and quoted scripture that guides us on the Christian walk.

May 2, 2021: "Lost and Found" by Pastor Steve Baden

Please click on the play button above to hear Pastor Steve's message. Pastor opened church service on May 2 by remarking on just how good it was to be back worshipping in church. All attendees whole-heartedly agreed with his opening remarks, “We missed the warmth of fellowship, the hymns, and prayers!” His affirmation that, “Our pews will be filled again and…glorious delight will surely follow,” was seconded with applause from everyone in the pews celebrating in-person worship and church doors being opened again. The scriptural focus of the message was Luke 24: 13-35 and how our Savior Jesus Christ used scripture to open the hearts of the two disciples struggling on their walk along the Road to Emmaus. Pastor Steve expanded on scripture and the Christian walk wherein "God did not promise days without rain." He expanded on Biblical teachings that prayer, faith, hope, and belief in God’s promises are flames within Christian hearts that we must help one another flame and keep burning through studying God’s Word, fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, attending church, and constant prayer with an attitude of thankfulness for God’s abundant blessings