Restoring our church

Enjoy some snapshots of the church restoration and makeovers being led by Gary and Cathy Hackbart.  The church building was falling into a state of disrepair due to sun damage, as well as water and snow seeping into the log cracks. Caulking was missing and the chinking that remained was dry with age and years of neglect. Please see the next page for the makeover video clip showing a glimpse of logs before and after.

A lift was donated by anonymous benefactors so that workers could reach the heights of the outer church log walls. Thank you to Gary and Cathy and all of the benefactors and workers who lent a hand to this massive project!  This is a volunteer effort of love and a lot of hard work.  Underway all summer long, the project is nearing completion this September!  .

The many renovation steps included replacing caulking and repairing chinking between logs both inside and outside of the church—this is literally miles and miles of caulking and hundreds of caulking tubes plus the high-wire gymnastics using tall ladders to reach the logs inside the church!! Snow used to come in through the arch of the inner alcove in the entryway but now the weather will be kept outside where it belongs!

Before even starting the repair work, volunteers completed weeding and cleaning of the church grounds, washing grime and dust off of the logs and clearing away spider webs and birds' nests in the eaves. 

Once the exhausting work of log cleaning and caulking was done, the back-breaking work of staining and clear-coating the logs outside of the church could start.  Final steps as Fall approached included ordering, staining, and adding half logs to protect the base of the church below the logs, then repairing the stairs and deck entry to the church office. There are too many details of accomplishments to mention here on this page.

The church is accepting donations to support this incredible endeavor that was undertaken while the church is closed due to COVID-19 risks. Checks earmarked for DCCC Renovation Project can be mailed to: Duck Creek Community Church, HC 82 Box 1017, Duck Creek Village, UT 84762.  Donations also are accepted through the PayPal link on the Online Church page here on the website.  But a note must be made that the funds being gifted through PayPal are for the DCCC Renovation Project.

All gifts are appreciated as the work is near completion.  The project costs amount to thousand of dollars just in construction supplies alone.