Welcome Pastor Steve Baden

Duck Creek Community Church is  pleased to welcome Pastor Steve Baden as the Pastor of Duck Creek Community Church. Steve was preaching at Duck Creek Community Church, filling in as needed for several years before becoming our full-time Pastor.  We are so blessed. He is highly regarded and loved by church members; his service to our church body is a blessing for all. He and his wife Roddie have lived in Southern Utah since 1988. Pastor Steve may be reached at 435-590-7362.

In fulfilling his role as DCCC spiritual leader, Pastor Steve stated, “We pray every day that God will bless my efforts in this ministry - that we will please Him, bring  glory to His most wonderful name,  and that all all of us will be moved closer to Him and our Savior Jesus Christ throughout life's journey.”

By way of a brief history, Pastor Seve was raised in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, in Orange, California.   He attended parochial schools throughout his childhood. After attending Concordia Teacher's College (now Concordia University) in Nebraska, he joined the Navy in 1968 during the Vietnam conflict. After being discharged in 1972, he went to work in the airline industry.

In 1988, while managing Hawaiian Airlines in Las Vegas, he and Roddie fell in love with Southern Utah. They moved to Brian Head where he was employed at the Brian Head Hotel (now Cedar Breaks Lodge) as their Sales and Marketing Director.  In 1991, he accepted a promotion to the resort's Director of Sales and Marketing, which included skiing and lodging.  He later managed Copper Chase Condominiums; in which capacity the couple obtained real estate licenses and built a company (Premier Accommodations & Management) to handle Copper Chase property management and rentals.  After obtaining a broker's license, he and Roddie opened a Century 21 office at the resort.

In 2000, Pastor Steve experienced a series of callings to ministry.  He and Roddie joined the newly-formed Parowan United Methodist Church, where Reverend Doug Harrell mentored Pastor Steve and encouraged him to pursue ministry.   He served the church as a Lay Speaker, then an Advanced Lay Speaker, then Certified Lay Minister. 

In the early years of 2000, Pastor Steve completed the church's requirements, which included various psychological evaluations and interviews, and completed his pastoral training at Claremont School of Theology in Southern California.  After returning from Claremont, he was assigned as the Pastor to the Cedar City United Methodist Church, and as an Associate Pastor to the Parowan United Methodist Church.

 In 2011, Pastor Steve formed Light of the Valley Fellowship Church, where he and Roddie still serve today, volunteering their time to minister to the needs of shut-in senior citizens, who enjoy a full service with hymns, message, and readings. A large part of this ministry is helping the elderly residents prepare for their final reward in Heaven.

Pastor Steve and Roddie love the opportunity to bring the message of our Savior’s gift of salvation and God’s love to Duck Creek Community Church - available to everyone.   He believes it is the duty of every pastor to explain Scripture, and to give a message which the congregation can relate to and apply to their daily lives. His sermons are characterized by a little humor and lessons that help those listening to understand the teachings of Christ and to apply them to daily life. Pastor Steve’s sincere desire is to move us all closer to a loving God, through his Son Jesus Christ.

Please join us in welcoming Pastor Steve Baden to the Duck Creek Community Church family.  Dress is casual mountain attire and we welcome visitors!  DCCC welcomes everyone to come humbly before God and, as described in Isaiah 61:10,  leave clothed "... with the garments of salvation." We hope you can join us to worship when you visit Cedar Mountain. Thank you for listening.  


Marilyn Schouten

04.09.2020 15:39

I am coming up next week . Are u having church services and if so what time? Thank


04.09.2020 20:02

Hello Marilyn:
Church doors are not yet open. Welcome back to the mountain! We will post information on the website and send an email to church members once a day is set.

Lourdes Hansen

07.06.2019 17:07

We are getting married in Duck Creek outside at the lodge. I am looking for pastor services. Could you please let me know if you do those types of services outside of the church?
Thank you

Laurel Snodgrass

07.06.2019 17:47

Hello Lourdes:
Our pastor has your email and was planning to communicate with you. He recently underwent back surgery. To expedite, please text Pastor at 435-590-7362 or email sbaden48@gmail.com

Timothy Baden

14.11.2018 23:21

Cousin Steve has always held the needs and lives of others to heart and provided love, advice and understanding to everyone he met. It comes as no surprise that he would take on the needs there


10.11.2018 15:32

Pastor Steve and Roddie, thank you for bringing the message of our Savior's gift to our little church on the mountain.

Latest comments

18.07 | 23:18

Thank you, Sharon! See you soon!

18.07 | 22:38

I will bring a crab salad for the picnic

01.06 | 23:26

Pastor Baden’s Memorial Day sermon was one of the best sermons I’ve heard in my entire life! Wish I was there to hear it. I hope those who were there appreciate his message. God Bless Pastor Baden.

27.02 | 14:13

Hi Chris: Church doors are open and we are holding in-person services every Sunday 11-noon with Fellowship following services. We look forward to seeing you soon!