Photos of Chuck’s Celebration of Life Service

Photo boards from Brechler family reunions put together by sisters Shirley and Mary.

Chuck Brechler's Memorial Service was held at the church on May 15. Please see his biography and some photos taken at the service below. It was a beautiful Celebration of Life for our beloved Chuck. Pastor Steve Baden presided, delivering a welcome, message, and benediction. 

Pastor Steve presided.

CMFPD Chief Paulson with crew did final call.

Mike Kenner told story of Chuck setting steeple

Pam and George helped welcome and usher.

Jim told stories of fire fighter training, church, etc

Favorite church cup and tool belt.

Foyer of church at service.

Silver Bell Service for firefighters.

Bob Diaz and Mike Kenner sang “I’ll Fly Away”

Chuck’s favorite hat, boots, and red suspenders.

Jane Ahrold read Psalm 23.

Bert Brechler spoke about dad and family.

Jerry Leonard and friends shared stories.

Chuck’s sister Mary.

Chuck’s sister Shirley.

Brief Biography of Chuck

Charles Peter Brechler, age 86 

Born: September 11 1935, Mount Horeb WI 

Died: April 14 2022, Henderson NV 

Charles P. Brechler (AKA Chuck) helped to build Duck Creek Community Church and was a faithful servant of our Savior Jesus Christ, always lending a hand to help others and to serve others with humility and quiet strength.  Chuck had a great sense of humor and never-surrender attitude toward life's challenges. "The force is strong in this one," photo shown here was played tongue-in-cheek with a brief excerpt of "Star Wars" theme music when Chuck returned to DCCC church services and walked up to lead Call to Worship after successfully battling cancer. Chuck's strength of spirit and unshakeable Christian faith were an inspiration to others and he made the world a better place.

Chuck served both on the Leadership Teams and Boards of Directors of Duck Creek Community Church for many years. In addtion, he opened church services by delivering the Call to Worship opening of every Sunday service for many years.  Chuck welcomed the congregation to worship in a "Prairie Home Companion" style with brief entertaining stories about wildlife and life surrounding the "little church in the meadow" on Cedar Mountain. Each of these stories was accompanied by a beautiful scriptural quote from the Bible and Chuck always expressed a thankful heart that marvelled at God's goodness and the majesty of His beautiful creations evident in the surroundings of Duck Creek Community Church.

Chuck also was active on the Cedar Mountain Fire Department Board of Directors and also served at a volunteer fire chief for CMFPD. He helped to recruit and certify many wildland firefighters who ultimately went on to fight one of the larges fires on Cedar Mountain:  the Shingle Fire. Chuck was a bridge builder and, while serving as the volunteer fire chief, built new bridges between Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District and the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to foster cooperation and mutual aid in fighting fires and protecting the community.

Charles Brechler graduated from Wisconsin Institute Of Technology June 1958, with a Degree in Civil Engineering. Served as City Engineer in Boulder City NV. Appointed first Managing Engineer of Clark County Regional Streets and Highway Commission, where He served for 15 years. Founded Brechler and Bell Consulting Engineers. 

He was a lifelong Volunteer Firefighter, serving in Departments in Mount Horeb WI, Boulder City NV, Cedar Mountain Fire Department and Mammoth Creek Fire Department in UT. 

He was preceded in death by his sister Lois Wendt and son Carl. Survived by his Wife of 65 years, Betty, sisters Shirley Martin and Mary Thomas. son Bert and wife Anita. 

Grandchildren Gary, wife Kristen, Craig, wife Alicia, Danny Dill, Quinton Giles, Lauren Giles, Michael Sanders. And 5 grandchildren. 

Graveside Service were held at Boulder City Municipal Cemetery Pavilion at 11am on April 29th. Chuck's Memorial Service is being held at Duck Creek Community Church, Duck Creek Village, UT.  All are welcome to attend this service celebrating Chuck's amazing life.

Donations are welcome, please send to Duck Creek Community Church, HC 82 Box 1017, Duck Creek Village, UT 84762