November 24: "ThanksLiving" by Pastor Steve Baden

Psalm 100 was the focus of the November 24 sermon titled "ThanksLiving" . The message focused on having a grateful heart. Those in attendance learned that a grateful heart sees each day as a gift.

November 17: "A Pharisee Has A Change Of Heart" by Guest Speaker Jim Snodgrass

Acts 9 verse 4 was the focus for the November 17 message titled “A Pharisee Has A Change of Heart” delivered by Guest Speaker Jim Snodgrass.

November 10: "Waiting at the Gate" by Pastor Steve Baden November 10 Veterans Day

God is more than just a Great Creator and engineer. We were created for a relationship with God. Luke 20 verses 27 to 38 were the focus on this sermon highlighting a question the Sadducees asked Jesus about an Old Testament law regarding the law of Levirate marriage in the Bible.

November 3: "Finding Grace" by Steve Baden

Luke 19: 1-10 was the focus of the November 3 sermon titled "Finding Grace" by Pastor Steve Baden. Pastor Steve recounted the story of the tax collector Zacchaeus and his change of heart after meeting with Jesus. Pastor Steve noted that Jesus is still with us and passing through our homes and hearts to help us. "We are not a world to ourselves but a work in God's hands," noted Pastor Steve during the sermon.