DCCC doors are open every Sunday. Masks are optional. We look forward to seeing you! Any upcoming services may be subject to change if any health issues, new state health mandates, or hazardous weather forecasts arise. Please listen to the sermons posted on our Online Sermons web page if you can't make it to the in-person services.

Donations to the church may be sent in the form of personal checks or online through Paypal at the link in red below. Please make checks payable to DCCC and mail via United States Postal Service to: HC 82 Box 1017 Duck Creek Village UT 84762-8200.   To donate through Paypal, simply click on the link below or paste it into your web browser should you wish to give to DCCC:

For information on the amazing church renovation work completed this summer--please see the "Church Makeover" web pages listed under the DCCC website menu. 

We look forward to seeing you at Sunday services.  


27.02.2022 04:52

Chris Hodge

Now that the CDC has essentially recommended that masks are no longer necessary for most indoor activities and meetings, when will Sunday service be available once more?

27.02.2022 14:13


Hi Chris: Church doors are open and we are holding in-person services every Sunday 11-noon with Fellowship following services. We look forward to seeing you soon!

19.11.2020 23:59


Thanks for pointing to the donate link.

15.10.2020 18:25

Charles Hightower

Did you discontinue giving using PayPal?

15.10.2020 22:30

Laurel Snodgrass

Please go to the Online Church page and scroll down to Online Giving section directly under the sermon. The PayPal option for donations is still there and operable. Thank you for asking!

14.10.2020 22:11

Jan te Pas

Your website looks great!