Introduction to precautions & requirements for in-person services

DCCC once again opened its doors October 11 to more than 50 people in attendance.  In-church services will be bi-monthly through the end of 2020 with the services starting at 11 a.m.  Upcoming bi-monthly Sunday services held inside the church in 2020 are 22, Dec. 6 & 20. The alternating Sunday services will feature online Sunday sermons.

We will maintain social distancing and other safety measures while praying together, hearing the words of scripture, and enjoying Pastor Steve's wonderful restorative sermons.

Guests at the first opening on October 11 saw and heard first-hand about the amazing church renovation work completed this summer--please see the "Church Makeover" web pages listed under the DCCC website menu to get an overview of the phenomenal work completed.

The church opening was a wonderful time to gather and celebrate again as a church family.  It attending in-person services, please be aware that precautions are taken to ensure safety and social distancing in light of COVID 19.  Examples of these precautions include meeting bi-monthly, requiring face masks at all in-church services and asking attendees to bring their own mask, or a disposable mask will be provided. We are posting signage for guests not to shake hands or hug one another.  As much as we all want to greet one another, the priority is to prevent the spread of the virus by maintaining recommended social distancing measures.  Attendees will not be singing worship songs due to the difficulty of singing with masks on and also as a means of preventing the spread of the virus. 

Ushers will be holding a thermometer at a short distance from guests' foreheads, without needing to touch the skin, to check temperatures. Upon entry, if there is concern about a guests' temperatures or recent travels, those individuals will be directed to please listen to the service on their FM radio in the parking lot. DCCC has a local FM channel that the service is  broadcast on.

Ushers will greet guests and seat them in the pews to maintain distance within the church.  We ask for your patience on the first day as we put these safety practices into place.  Please do not enter and seat yourself--wait for the usher to help.

Our church members love to meet and eat but, as a safety precaution, there will be no Fellowship or food downstairs following the in-church services. Opening the church is a work in progress with safety being the primary concern in this era of COVID 19. We sincerely hope you will join us to worship and to celebrate the renovation work led by Kathy and Gary Hackbart, and to applaud all of those amazing donors, workers, and volunteers who helped with this massive undertaking.