June 30: "The Inheritance of God Part III" by Pastor Steve Baden

Galatians 5:1 was the focus of "The Inheritance of God Part III" and the blessings we receive as God's children.

June 23: "The Inheritance of God Part II" by Pastor Steve Baden

Pastor Steve Baden focused on Galatians 3: 23-29 and Luke 8:26-30 in delivering part two of his sermon series titled "The Inheritance of God".

June 16: "The Inheritance of God" by Pastor Steve on Father's Day

Pastor Steve Baden's sermon on June 16 focused on parables told by Jesus about the Kingdom of God. Pastor reminded those in attendance that we are called to do the work of God but the ultimate outcome is in God's hands and not our hands. Press the "play" button above to hear the audio of this Father's Day sermon.

June 9: "Pentecost, Birthday of the Church" by Pastor Steve Baden

Pastor Steve focused on John 14: 18-17 and Acts 2: 1-21 in his message titled “Pentecost, Birthday of the Church”.

June 2: "Where Are We Looking" by Pastor Steve Baden

Pastor Steve Baden's sermon title for June 2 asked "Where Are We Looking" as he focused on the blessings of the Holy Spirit and scriptural guidance in the Holy Bible, including Luke 24: 44-53 and Acts 1: 1-11.