Listen to the audio of the Memorial Day message below.

Speaker Carl Revels' message on church attendance.

MEMORIAL DAY MAY 26: "Why Go To Church?" by Carl Revels

Guest speaker Carl Revels focused on several passages of scripture in delivering his message on why it is important to go to church: John 15: 13; Matthew 18: 20; Matthew 7: 14; Matthew 5: 43-44; Hebrews 10: 25; Revelation 3: 20-21; John 3: 16.

May 19: Luke: A Humble Man

"Luke: A Humble Man” was the title of Jim Snodgrass' May 19 sermon focused on Luke 1: 52. Luke was a Greek, trained as a doctor, and must have heard of Jesus Christ's miraculous healings and good works. He followed the Apostle Paul for years and was like the secretary of the new Christian church because Paul advocated for churches that were open to gentiles and not bound by Jewish rules and traditions. Luke recorded Paul's teachings and writings and so was a key part of the beginnings of Christianity.

May 12: Blessed Art Thou Among Women By Jim Snodgrass

“Blessed Art Thou Among Women”
Luke 1: 42
Guest Speaker Jim Snodgrass' Mother's Day message titled "Blessed Art Thou Among Women" focused on Luke 1: 42 and highlighted the story of John the Baptist being born.

May 5: Our Endless Hope By Pastor Steve Baden

“Our Endless Hope” by Pastor Steve Baden focused on Luke 24: 13-35. Luke accounts the history of two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus and encountering Jesus on their walk, after Jesus crucifixion. One of the questions that Pastor Steve asked the congregation is how many times they have been looking for Jesus when he is walking right beside them.