Feb. 24: Pastor Steve "Prayer: Our Window to God"

Pastor Steve continued the February sermon series focusing on Jesus Christ's early days of ministry. This time period surrounded the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and Christ's subsequent travels to various locals where he ministered to the poor, healed the sick, and preached to bring men and women to a closer, loving relationship with God. The sermon was titled "Prayer—Our Window to God” and focused on Mark 1: 35-39 and 1 Thessalonians 5: 17.

Feb. 17: Pastor Steve "Building Bridges"

Pastor Steve Baden's Feb. 17 message focused on "Building Bridges" and the text of Matthew 4 verses 12-22. Pastor Steve told those in attendance that God made us on purpose for a purpose: God asks us to act as his ambassadors, healing agents, and bridge builders. He said this means Christians need to get out of their Lazy Boy chairs and build bridges with others to bring them to Christ. Press the "play" button above to listen to the full message.

Feb. 10: Pastor Steve "Are We Listening?"

The central question of Pastor Steve's Feb. 10 sermon "Are We Listening?" was: Are we like the people of Nazareth, only wanting to follow Jesus when the way is easy and does not meddle with our lives? Focusing on Luke 4: 21-30, Pastor Steve noted that Jesus taught ideas that challenge us to think about our thoughts and actions in a new way.Pastor Steve said that we must remember that each heart is Jesus' house and he has high aspirations for each of us.