Historical photographs and information related to the prayers and teamwork that led to the construction of Duck Creek Community Church are highlighted in this brochure printed many years ago. See page two of the brochure below.

This historical document related to the beginnings of Duck Creek Community Church was recently contributed by a member. It is a wonderful trip down memory lane.


25.11.2019 17:19

Jean Altig Hedrick

Can't wait to see all the miracle stories in print! As Steve Altig's older sister, it is also a miracle of God's faithfulness, when Steve was ordained, and our 90 year old father was there to see it!

04.09.2019 19:05

Bonnie Altig

Brochure above was created and designed by Bonnie Altig one of the founders and the wife of Reverend Steve Altig, founder and original Pastor. Church was also designed by Bonnie Altig.