Hit the play button on the short slide show and click on the four arrows (full screen box). This will enlarge and play the photo show. Read the captions that appear on the right side of each picture. The slide show gives a quick glimpse of church history. 

The vision for Duck Creek Community Church was given and administrative work was begun in 2000. The first worship service was  held June 1, 2003, with a core group of 17 dedicated Christians from various denominational backgrounds.

Duck Creek Community Church was built with volunteers and contributions, and NO FINANCIAL DEBT. A brief year-by-year summary includes:

In 2004, the church received a gift of land.  In 2005, church volunteers laid the foundation and built the walls of what is now used for a Sunday school classroom, a kitchen, and space for community outreach. In 2006, volunteers stacked the logs that form the sanctuary.  There are 17 stained glass windows in the sanctuary.  One of the founders designed the church while bedridden and battling cancer; she lived by God's Grace to feel His presence in the completed building.

The church chimes play on the hour from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. and the cross on the top of the steeple is easily visible from Highway 14, across the meadow from Duck Creek Village. 

Duck Creek Community Church is a non-denominational Protestant Fellowship. It is completely independent of any one religious branch, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, etc... "Multi-denominational" is perhaps a better description for the congregation because the members'  diverse backgrounds include Southern Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Methodist, Episcopalian, Catholic, and community churches. The church body strives to emphasize sameness and not doctrinal differences, stressing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since the church is independent of any denomination, it is governed by a Leadership Team of four people, which also acts as a board of directors.  The Leadership Team is picked from among the members of the church and the congregation ratifies the selection.

Duck Creek Community Church is registered in the State of Utah as a non-profit, tax exempt, corporation and with the IRS as a non-profit church with 501(C)3 status, which means that all contributions made to the church are tax deductible.

The work of building a community church started with a simple vision in 2000 (shown below). In 2009, the church was completed with the grace of God and members continue on toward the goal of reaching everyone with the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ.


 The vision established in 2000: "The Little Log Church in the Meadow”

 The chime of church bells ring across the meadow calling all who will come to join in worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The 80 children assemble on a brisk Saturday morning ready for the hike that will take them through forests and overlook great canyons, their guide telling them of trees and rocks and the love of God.  Their outing ends at the little log church in the meadow where they will have devotions, prayer, an invitation to become a child of God and, oh yes. . ice cream Sundaes.  They run home eager to tell their folks about how to tell a spruce tree from a pine tree and all the wonders they have just seen and heard.  They are excited to return next Saturday when they will make and fly kites and yes hear more of the loving God who is the creator of all things.  Mom, however, is busy making a salad to share. . seems the whole family will be attending the big community cookout tonight, under the stars, at the little log church in the meadow where a musical group will sing funny camp songs and close with . . . Amazing Grace.  The family will be at Sunday School tomorrow and stay for church where the love of God and His glorious salvation will be made know to them.  The site of Duck Creek Community Church is 8,500 feet above sea level in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Utah and surrounded by national forests of pine, spruce, fir, lakes and streams.  There are no bells chiming through the meadow, there is no church building – yet.  Just dreams, building plans, an acre of land and a congregation that began meeting June 1, 2003.  The humble beginnings of a great outreach.” . . . .  


The fulfillment of the dream God gave in 2000 was completed in 2009. When in the Village, listen for the church chimes to ring every hour, on-the-hour, during the day. To God be the glory!!

Built through the hard labor of volunteers and without debt, the church gives living testimony to the Power and Glory of God, and the tremendous outreach for Christ and the body of believers in the Duck Creek Village area, the surrounding communities, and nearby towns.

Isn't it amazing that no one was injured in this huge endeavor that took years to complete? It is equally miraculous that there was no debt in acquiring the land  or constructing the church. Duck Creek Community Church is a work of art that the community calls "The Little Log Church in the Meadow.”