Pastor Steve baptizes Cindy Allen at the Sevier River.

Pastor Steve talks with Andy Gagliardo before baptism.

Immersion baptism at Sevier River.

Jackie Triebold celebrates a renewed life in Christ.

A white rose was presented after each baptism.

Baptism Opportunity in 2021 & The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Holy Bible, alone, is our authority for faith and practice.

Please see Pastor Steve Baden if you are interested in being baptized this summer.  DCCC is working to schedule a baptismal opportunity in June or July.

The Baptismal at Duck Creek Community Church is located in the Sanctuary and the water is heated to a comfortable level. Baptism at Duck Creek Community Church is by submersion and is a joyous event. The church sometimes schedules baptisms outdoors in the Sevier River during warmer months. See photos above of an outdoor baptism with Founding Pastor Steve Altig.

It is the purpose of the church to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be governed by the doctrines and practices of the New Testament. Please see the Statement of Faith below.

The Holy Bible, alone, is our authority for faith and practice. No other doctrine or covenants but that which is contained in the Holy Bible will be preached or taught.

This church is an independent and autonomous congregation, free from all denominational controls and affiliations. Should you have a question for the leadership of the church, please email:


Duck Creek Community Church Statement of Faith.