May 20: Insights Into Worship by Pastor Kent

"insights Into Worship" drew on the scripture of John 4 to explore the nature of worship and to answer the question, "What is worship?" Pastor Kent touched on the misconceptions about worship and provided guidance on the proper forms of worship and how to walk the talk of being a Christian in today's world. The video of the sermon is available at:

May 13: Mother's Day "The Hannah Ideal" by Pastor Kent

Pastor Kent focused on the goal of making worship a habit in his sermon on "The Hannah Ideal" and scripture 1 Samuel: 1-28. He highlighted how both Hannah and her husband made prayer a habit and one of the many positive outcomes of prayer as relieving burdens and restoring energy. The video of the sermon is available at:

May 6: "Keeping Our Easter Perspective" by Pastor Steve Baden

Steve Baden was warmly welcomed as a guest speaker on May 6. He reminded those in attendance of the importance of keeping the Easter perspective in their hearts as they move through the year and the business of the summer months.