Guest Speaker Pastor Steve Anderson 9/24/17

Guest Speaker Pastor Steve Anderson delivered a powerful message titled “Two Planes of Sight!” on September 24. He drew on Exodus 13: 17-22 and other passages of scripture as he explained that the Bible demonstrates to Christians that what an individual needs and wants and what God thinks you need are often two different things. One of the central messages of the sermon was that God wants us to trust him and doing God's will begins with a true saving relationship with Jesus.

Guest Speaker Pastor Steve Baden 9/17/17

Pastor Steve Baden focused on Mathew 14: 22-33 & Matthew 16: 13-18 in his sermon titled "One Great Savior," delivered to the congregation on September 17.

Guest Speaker Loren Crannell 9/10/17

Guest Speaker Loren Crannell delivered a message titled "Acrostic S.O.D." on September 10. His message focused on three key words in the Christian walk: Submission, Obedience, Discipline.
Ephesians 4: 1-6 was the key focus of the message with many other passages from the Bible being cited throughout the sermon.


Guest Speaker Joe Filer delivered a message on September 3rd titled "Limitless Love" focusing on Ephesians 3: 17-19.