April 22: Forgiveness Series

The second to the last sermon in the Forgiveness series wrapped up with Pastor Kent passing out blue glass stones as a reminder that forgiveness, like the blue color in the Christian flag, is for eternity.

April 15 Sermon: Forgiveness: The Real "F" Word

With three more weeks to go in the" Forgiveness" sermons series, Pastor Kent provided clarity on the "how to" of forgiveness found in scripture. Isaiah 1: verse 18 covers the first step of forgiveness--remembering how much God has forgiven us. Forgiveness, he said, is NOT "just passage of time, nor condoning bad behavior or condoning the hurt, and it is not revenge or confrontation." Pastor Kent outlined the steps of forgiveness and the importance of releasing bitterness and negativity in our walk with God. Video of the sermon may be viewed at the link below:

April 8 Sermon: Forgiveness: The Real "F" Word

Pastor Kent Mitchell continued "The Resurrection Sunday Series" with an April 8 sermon focusing on forgiveness and the parable of the prodigal son. The focus for the message is based on Luke 15. Video of the sermon may be viewed at the link below:

Pastor Kent's Easter message focused on Luke 15 and the story of the Prodigal Son.

The Easter service included a special message and demonstration for young people.

April 1 Easter Message Pastor Kent Mitchell

Pastor Kent Mitchell focused on forgiveness for the April 1 Easter message. "Some have said that love is the promise of endless forgiveness," said Pastor Kent, "and Easter is the promise of reconciliation for us and God." Luke 15 and the story of the prodigal son tells us that God is always ready to welcome us back, he explained. Pastor Kent's message elaborated on the promise of scripture that if you take the one step to ask for forgiveness, then God will cover the rest of the way back. This sermon can be viewed on youtube at the link below: