Carl Wimmer is shown speaking about 'The Bible: The Anvil of Truth" on November 13 at Duck Creek Community Church. This small excerpt demonstrates the quality of the wonderful  diverse group of DCCC members and visiting speakers that the congregation enjoyed in October and November, while Pastor Tom and Irene Jackson were out of state taking care of business in New Braunfels, Texas.

On October 9, Retired Batallion Chief, 9-11 First Responder, former college adjunct profession, firefighter, and DCCC member Jim Snodgrass spoke on parenting as it relates to Psalms 127:3 "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward." There were tears and laughter as this message touched the hearts of the congregation.

On October 16, Loren Crannell, Vice President, Sales at Moulton Logistics Management, and DCCC Men's Ministries Leader spoke on "What We Do Matters".  In his message, he spoke from the heart and elaborated that, "Action or words can last for a very long time...even decades." He shared three examples to illustrate his point: the first from the Bible, a personal example for the second illustration, and, lastly, an example from the life of Jesus Christ.

Chaplain Jeff La Spina, a counselor and minister, traveled from Nevada to speak at DCCC on October 23. His sermon, titled "Battle of the Wills" encouraged members of the congregation to be true disciples in faith, word, and deed. Chaplain La Spina's message drew from Daniel 1-3 and was a good introduction to a skit titled "But God" that was performed on November 6.

On October 29, Dr. Mac Hammer spoke on "The Roman Road" and illustrated the benefits of buiding one's faith on a good foundation.  Analogous to the Roman roads of ancient times, christians may walk closer to God on a "road" built upon a strong, clear foundation of faith and wisdom.

Carl Wimmer, who once pursued a political career but is now pursuing a degree in theology, was the guest speaker on November 13 and will return to the pulpit on November 20 to deliver a special Thanksgiving message. The topic of his sermon on November 13 was, "The Bible: The Anvil of Truth." Please see the video segment above for a glimpse of the power of this message about the Bible as ancient text, truth, and prophecy.